Modbury Valleyline

Opened: 1965
Location: Tolley Road St. Agnes
Capacity: 383 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Wallis
Closed: May 2003

Brief history:
The Valleyline is now closed. After rumours circulating for years about its future it finally went dark in May 2003. A factory development is palnned for the site. Only Gepps Cross remains open for Adelaide drive-in fans to frequent. Wallis drive-ins were unique for a number of reasons, the sites remaining open in recent years were all single screen locations, whereas almost every other drive-in located in suburban locations has added screens to play the major films simultaneously with indoor multiplex locations. The distinctive speakers and junction boxes installed were used only by Wallis. The snack bars are not only meticulous with regard to cleanliness, but served up some of the highest quality fast food anywhere; period!

This is the only sign that let you know that (a) there was a drive-in there and (b) that this was the entrance. Even so it was located down a side alley between factories!

The Valleyline in recent years had cut screenings on Sundays and Mondays outside of peak periods.

Neat, clean and sparce! This sums up all Wallis drive-ins. A little bit of showmanship or Hollywood would not have gone astray here.

The gospel according to Buddy........Wallis are guilty of not re-investing in their locations. The fact that Modbury, West Beach or Gepps Cross had not added additional screens, were poorly advertised (it was almost impossible to find signage or the entry to Modbury), and lack of marketing, has certainly led to the downfall in patronage in recent years. Indeed, on certain days the newspaper directory did not even state that Modbury and Gepps Cross etc were drive-ins!

Distinctive red junction boxes with green Wallis speakers hanging from them. Always kept in good condition and a credit to the projectionists that maintain them. The snack bar, whilst always serving high quality food did have that council toilet block look about it. Note the projection room viewing window, once common to drive-ins.

Clean, white and a good size always helps the picture on a drive-in screen. Trees sheilding the area from extraneous light is also beneficial. All photos May 1998.

The Valleyline drive-in at Modbury was an excellent drive-in that provided good picture and sound, but if Wallis continue to neglect Gepps Cross it will certainly join that great drive-in graveyard in the sky also. How about it Wallis, give it one last go.


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